Posted by Andrew Coon on June 14, 2021 on While mainstream culture in the U.S. has come to accept cannabis as not the dangerous and addictive substance of after […]

DEA finally grants additional licenses to grow cannabis for research

After 50 Years, U.S. Opens The Door To More Cannabis Crops For Scientists May 30, 20216:00 AM ET By Will Stone More than 30 states have medical marijuana programs — yet […]

Cannabis and Sleep Part 2

Advice from Dr. Dustin Sulak, Co-Founder and Medical Director of I almost always recommend THC-dominant cannabis before bed in patients with poor sleep. I’ve seen mixed results with CBD-dominant […]

Cannabis and Sleep Part 1

As we age, sleep often becomes an elusive goal. The blissful routines of our younger years become disrupted by age related issues, medical conditions, and anxiety. I have found myself […]

Legal Cannabis is America’s 6th Biggest Cash Crop

Crop Annual Wholesale Value 1. Corn $82.6 billion 2. Soybeans $57.5 billion 3. Hay $19.3 billion 4. Wheat $11.9 billion 5. Cotton $7.5 billion 6. Cannabis $5 billion   Cannabis […]

US cannabis industry’s $100 billion economic impact varies by state

By Andrew Long, Data Reporter May 11, 2023 Medical and recreational cannabis markets continue to have a growing impact on the broader U.S. economy, but the state-level impact differs based on […]

What to Expect in The First Month Taking CBD Oil

Delayed Effects New users often grow frustrated with their CBD regimen because they’re not feeling any effects from it during the first week.  Don’t let yourself become frustrated; the CBD […]

My first visit to a legal cannabis dispensary

The first time I visited a legal cannabis dispensary was in 2015 near Sequim, Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula.  My husband and I were visiting the area on the last […]

Let me tell you a story………

My husband, Stephen, was 62 years old when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2008.   We got great advice to do as much as we could for as long […]

Homemade Cannabis Topical

Learning to make my own cannabis topical was a game changer for me.  Much of what is sold at legal dispensaries is fairly low potency and contains ingredients more commonly […]