DEA finally grants additional licenses to grow cannabis for research

After 50 Years, U.S. Opens The Door To More Cannabis Crops For Scientists May 30, 20216:00 AM ET By Will Stone More than 30 states have medical marijuana programs — yet […]

Legal Cannabis is America’s 6th Biggest Cash Crop

Crop Annual Wholesale Value 1. Corn $82.6 billion 2. Soybeans $57.5 billion 3. Hay $19.3 billion 4. Wheat $11.9 billion 5. Cotton $7.5 billion 6. Cannabis $5 billion   Cannabis […]

US cannabis industry’s $100 billion economic impact varies by state

By Andrew Long, Data Reporter May 11, 2023 Medical and recreational cannabis markets continue to have a growing impact on the broader U.S. economy, but the state-level impact differs based on […]