Useful Websites for Trustworthy Information

There’s a massive amount of information about cannabis out on the internet.  Some good, some not so good, and some just plain terrible.

To be fair, though, the subject matter is complex and can be challenging to understand, especially when it dives down into the science of how cannabis works.  I constantly struggle to find a way to share knowledge of what I’ve learned in way that is easy to understand.  For newcomers to cannabis, especially those considering it for health reasons, it can seem like someone is speaking a foreign language.  It becomes even more frustrating when websites seemingly contradict each other.

I experienced that frustration while researching possible remedies for my late husband who suffered from Parkinson’t disease and dementia.  That’s what led me to start my business.  I want to help others cut through all the noise and inaccuracies and show them where to find information they can trust.

I’ve listed a few reference sites that I’ve found to present reliable and well researched information.  You can search for just one specific item – or you can lose yourself for hours as you find more and more eye-opening facts about cannabis.

  • ProjectCBD – non-profit started by Martin Lee in 2010 and an outstanding source of trusted information
  • Healer.com – company started by Dr. Dustin Sulak with lots of free information and videos
  • Cannabisclinicians.org – website of Society of Cannabis Clinicians with access to their research library
  • Leafly.com – great place to look up information on cannabinoids and cultivars/strains
  • Cannabis-med.org – website for International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines – you can sign up for free bi-weekly newsletter
  • MarijuanaMoment.net – latest news about cannabis
  • Wikileaf.com – news and information about cannabis
  • Cannigma.cominfo/education/recipes
  • PubMed.gov – library of articles – type in cannabis or marijuana